This short term loan scheme offer you the money for about two to three months and if you can manage your all problems with the loan amount which you can have via this scheme then you should apply for this loan scheme. And you also need to always remember that you have to return the whole loan money within this time period and you can easily do this because the amount you can have via this loan scheme is also not so much big so that you may have any kind of repayment problem. And the good thing is that you can repay this loan money in monthly instalments as you get your monthly salary.

This short term loan scheme is offered only for the US people so that they can get rid off their unavoidable expenses and debt. So, you need to apply for this with your citizenship proof. If you have not your citizenship proof then your loan application form will not be accepted and will be cancelled at the moment. You can start the applying procedure by downloading an application form via the website and then fill this application form accurately and submit this by the same way. You can have a small financial assistance of $500-$2000 (and up to $5000 personal loan for 3-12 month). Once you become eligible for these loans, there will be no problem in your approval of loan.

The conditions include that the applicant must have US citizenship and must cross the 18 years of age. Along these conditions, the applicant needs to provide a bank account number which must be of his/her own name and remember, the approved loan money will be transferred in this bank account. And along these, you also need to provide your PAN number along with your current working details which will help you in the approval of your submitted loan application.